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Headfonia Review of Our Universal Cable System

Headfonia Review of Our SPOFC & UPOCC Headphone Cables

Head-fi Review From a Customer Who Needed Something Fast

Head-fi Review From a Satisfied Customer

Head-fi Review From a Happy Return Customer

“Folks- I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how thrilled I am with your SPOFC headphone cable. I ordered a 20′ cable for my new Dan Clark Audio AEON2 closed headphones and am just blown away by the difference. The sound is powerful, big, rich and full of detail and lots of bass – just what I was looking for. I also have to tell you that your prices are excellent for this level of performance, and your fulfillment and shipping times were outstanding. Thank you for providing a truly world-class product; I will not hesitate to recommend your products 110%. Thanks again and happy holidays to you all.”


“OK, I got the adapter and it works awesome! Great job! It sounds better than the black dragon cable I had been using with the Utopias. But, now I can just use one main cable and switch out the amp connection or headphone adapter for all my headphones, finally! 

My whole setup is based on the C3 Audio audiophile headphone cable system and I couldn’t be happier. I use the system with the Focal Utopia, Focal Elear, Beyerdynamic T5p 2nd Edition, Mr. Speakers Ether Flow and Ether C Flow along with some others. On the amp side I mainly use a Woo Audio WA22 with some incredible tubes fed by a PS Audio BHK Signature Pre Amp which is fed by a PS Audio Directstream DAC getting signal from either my Mac Mini based Roon server through the PS Audio Bridge II or from the Aurender N100H through a PS Audio LANrover to the USB on the DAC. Sometimes I use the headphone out on the PS Audio BHK Pre as it is amazing sounding. When not at home I use the C3 Audio system with a Chord Hugo or Mojo fed by an Onkyo DP-X1 or my Apple iPhone 7+ to one of the aforementioned headphones. I have also used the C3 Audio system with many other headphones I have parted with including Audeze LCD-4, Sennheiser HD800S, Oppo PM-1 and PM-3 and some others. In addition, I have used the system with many amps and DACs including Oppo HA-1, Woo Audio WA7tp, Audio-gd NOS11 and others. I can say through all those different setups the only thing that has stayed the same is the C3 Audio audiophile headphone cable system. You really did an incredible job with this system.

I can’t believe that even though there are added connections in the signal path it still sounds so much better than everything else. Not to mention the convenience of the system. Thanks again and I will be checking back if I need any more adapters for new headphones. You never know what’s coming next.”


“Chris – just got the cable…
Like really wow….
Holy mother of….
Thanks so much – you guys ROCK!

All my issues with my HD600’s and the Schitt Jotunheim have FLOWN OUT THE WINDOW! JUST AWESOME!
many thanks!”


“Just wanted to give another thumbs up to Chris and Charleston Cable Company! Just Received my Sennheiser HD650 cable today and I must say the quality is top-notch. I was thinking about going the DIY route, but I’ve been away from the soldering iron for a while and trying to make a nice cable isn’t what you want to practice with. The responses from Chris were very fast (on Christmas Eve to boot!) and he was great to deal with. Can’t wait to get some good listening time in with my HD650!”


“I received the cable today and immediately replaced the stock Senn cable. All I can say is the HD 600s sound like different phones. The veil is gone. The mids are right there! The bass is much stronger and more well defined. The highs are also brought forward. The difference is so pronounced that it just jumps out at you immediately. I honestly think that this cable has turned the 600s into a near state of the art phones.  This is truly primo stuff.  It is also quite flexible.  The Neutrik and Cardas connectors are beautifully attached. This cable is way less costly than competitor’s, but I can’t see how they could be much better.”


“Bought a Cardas cable with dual XLR connectors for my Sennheiser HD600 headphones. Using with a Bryston BHA-1 Amp. This is the best sounding cable I have heard and it is of the highest quality construction. I had a Cardas brand cable before with a 1/4” Neutrik connector. 

The C3 cable is much better construction.
I hope to get a pair of Focal cans and hope to get a C3 cable!


“Sonically, the UP-OCC out-performs the regular copper with the HE-500 and HE-6 in every department. The strengths and shortcomings of the UP-OCC cable and the Hifiman headphones compensate one another:  the HE bass, already pretty tight, is now slightly fuller and more impactful.  The center image acquires quite a bit tighter focus–similar to that of the Audeze LCD–while the soundstage, talready a strength of the Hifiman headphones, remains nicely open. The hardness/glare in the midrange/upper-midrange, the biggest shortcoming of the HE-500/HE-6, is nearly all gone, making these cans sound much more relaxed, more musical and less fatiguing.”


“The cable arrived safely yesterday in under 10 days, which is very quick for a mail shipment to Canada and I am pleased as punch to say the very least.  I am running HiFiman HE-5LE’s with an EF5 tube amp and multiple high-end analog and digital sources.  Sound quality opened up immediately with this cable and has been getting progressively better with each passing minute.  Your build quality is second to none and as a field service engineer and audiophile for over 40 years, I know quality when I see it.  This is a no BS cable, (which is very rare these days), at a great price and I whole heartily recommend it to all of my fellow audiophiles.  Keep up the great work Charleston Cable, you cannot possibly fail if you continue to produce cables of this quality!


” Newbie here. I got my HD 650, Jotunheim amp, and Modi Multibit DAC. Felt it was good, but I found myself unsatisfied at times. Something was missing. That’s when I wondered if the XLR output would make a difference over the SE stock cable. 

I looked around at various cable options as well as the stock XLR, but settled on c3audio due to the positive reviews, quality materials and workmanship without being overly flashy. That, and the 14 day return policy! I went for the UPOCC cable because I wanted to be convinced it would be worth switching from SE and chose the best available option that would only enhance the sound.

Honestly, I didn’t expect to keep the cable, but after hearing it on the HD 650 I didn’t want to let it go! Was it just the balanced output? Or did the cable really make a noticeable difference? I can’t say for sure without a comparison to other cables. But, I can tell you, this cable was my answer. And I love how it looks with the HD 650. Perhaps I should have tried a bunch of different cables, but I went with c3audio and wasn’t disappointed! I’d purchase from them again.”


“Listened to my New Focal Elears with stock cable for 6 hours and just switched to my new C3 UPOCC cable. What a difference! Quieter background, smoother vocals, treble harshness gone, really amazing. Thanks!”

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“I started out with the OFC EL-8 cable. It was great, and it made me NEED to buy the UPOCC cable. Chris responded quickly and had no issue helping me exchange the cable. Then, when I received it, I realized I’d asked for the wrong connector! And he immediately assured me that it was no big deal to swap the connectors – I could send it back for a free swap. I’m truly amazed by the level of service I received, as well as the quality of the product. I love the cable, it screams quality when you look at it, hold it, and listen to it.”